Embellish your home with our unique creations in Pietra Leccese

Raw blocks

The sinuous shape modelled by the lathe is adaptable to all the architectural structures and allows the realization of different kinds of constructions.
With our stone, a designer can give vent to is creativity and realize beautiful works. Thanks to the modern extraction tecniques, Bianco Cave is specialized in providing blocks of large sizes 200\300cmX130cmx130cm, or little blocks 200\50x37x27, for different uses.

According to customer needs and demands, the stone will be cut various thicknesses and shapes.

Framework plates

Bianco Cave turns the blocks into plates of the following formats: (200\300cmX130cmX3/25). Sizes can be personalized to meet all customer needs.


Covering plates

Covering plates(rough stone) diamond or dry cut cm 52x38x3,5


Bianco Cave combines the design excellence with a wide selection of materials colours, sizes and quality manifacturing. Bianco Cave with its products, decorates elegant outdoor spaces. Our company produces small bricks using for the covering of flower boxes.

We make also the laying.


The elegant and warm look of Pietra Leccese and its weather resistance ,make it particularly suitable for gardens and open spaces. This material skilfully worked, is used to pave any surface. Widely used in the paving of external for its durability, the local stone doesn’t renounce to the aesthetics, and thanks to different colors, creates striking contrasts with the vivid hues of the garden.

We make also the laying.


Our frames are realized with the use of local stone. For their creation Bianco Cave uses different types of badges that goes from classic to modern, giving to your home the right harmony and architectural style.

The processing is made “L-shaped” according to the type of window frames, doors and windows.

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Doors and windows decorations

Decorations and other types of ornaments embellish doors and windows thanks to various forms of decoration and carving. Bianco Cave offers: experience, advanced extraction technologies, consulting engineers, skilled labor.


The Balustrade is an elegant and decorative product. It is an architectural element which has above all an aesthetic function . It is often used as enclosure of stairs and balconies of neoclassical style. Bianco Cave guarantees a perfect finish and a choice of sections and materials, but also of decorative elements such as spheres, handrails and bases.

It also carries out the laying. They are available in various models.


Remarkable is also the production of wallboards made according to the classic style or by following the latest design and innovative tecniques as required by the customers.

Once they finished giving simplicity and elegance to the space.


Ever since, it has been used in furnishing because of its natural elegance. It inspires architects and craftsmen in the creation of spaces. Due to the ductility and natural softness of the stone it permits to be modelled and shaped with ease to enable freedom of creativity. Badge and masks: material of classical or religious, artistic and abstract forms.

Available in various models, personalized executions upon request.

CNC processing

We perform processing with CNC machine tools that ensure optimization of labor, lower production time and quality of the finished work.

Bianco Cave deals with the creation of products using CNC machine tools. In that way it is able to produce something new, original, adaptable to any space and environment. This, makes the company a leader in the industry of great quality and great aesthetic beauty products.


Architects and designers are involved in the design and construction of fireplaces for all kinds of seetings. Bianco Cave provides a wide range of fireplaces made of different styles and adaptable to all spaces . Fireplaces are designed using different materials: marble, wood, aluminum, steel, stone following styles that range from contemporary design, up to the modern, classic, rustic or vintage.

Industry experts will carry out the fireplace that best suited to your spaces.