Perfection, luxury and creativity in our functional and decorative products


For Bianco Cave design line, we have created objects useful and functional.



The employment of living matter is a careful and precise choice of Bianco Cave whose desire is to use an “archaic material” such as Pietra Leccese in a modern way turning it into a means of decoration and embellishment. Perfection,luxury and exclusivity are things that we want to express with our functional and decorative creations. Our realizations are ; furnishing solutions for living space, kitchen,staircase,beds, chaise- longue,lamps,modular walls and other creations thought to decorate with style and elegance the different spaces of a house



The white Ostuni's stone identifies the whish to stop the time using primordial materials and elements that NATURE makes available. Opposite to the artificial materials produced by men, the ones donate by NATURE have the ability to age, preserving time memory. Bianco Cave creates products designed by famous architects and designers.