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Bathroom Furniture
Bathroom Furniture

The line of bathroom furniture of Bianco Cave is the result of the creativity of architects and designers, who with a malleable and ductile material such as stone, create objects that are useful and functional.


White Cave provides a wide range of sinks to the toilet, of different materials ,types of construction and sizes, suitable for any environment. Different types of basins: suspended, with column, recessed, free standing, washbasins, each equipped, a good aesthetic and ergonomic solutions. All these creations are high quality products.



Ours highly qualified technical staff uses the local stone to create light effects which highlight the texture of the stones. They realize objects using advanced technologies. Perfection,luxury and attention to details characterize all our projects.



Bathtubs, sinks, shower trays with sinuous curves, objects of rigorous and harmonic geometries made from a natural material, such as the White Ostuni and Lecce Stone. The latter, thanks to its colour and appearance resembles to natural bread. Figures that evoke softness in contrast to the idea of stiffness that a material like marble could give.